Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Baby and the Cookies

It probably wasn't until a month before the due date that we were able to tell our friend was soon a mother going to be.......the truth is she looked so great we had no need to alter our social schedule whatsoever and so the  three of us and the guys kept the BBQ's, lunches, dinners, morning coffees and cocktail nights coming...

The odds of course suggested it would be at one of these lovely encounters that baby M was to make his appearance...and that J and I (picture obsessive) would document it of course

I even recall a clothes & cosmetics shopping marathon I was not able to join the girls for ,  and which i was sure would have an exquisite shoe shop to be the scenery... but it wasn't...


Fortunately baby M arrived as planned and gave me time enough to bake his mom these cookies

When we arrived at the hospital  J2 ( there's 3 J's ) couldn't believe she looked ready to go shopping again!

It took her a minute to make the cookies disappear...  and half to look her amazing self again!

Welcome Marcos!

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